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Saturday, February 7, 2015

March's Major Names

There are a lot of books being published in March. Many are by the A list authors. I will try to give you a short synopsis but there really are an extraordinary number of them for this month.

Steve Berry has The Patriot Threat coming out on March 31. Berry should be a local favorite. He was born and raised in Georgia, graduated from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University and practiced law in Georgia for many years. Currently, he lives in St. Augustine, FL.
His main character is Cotton Malone, a former Justice Department operative who travels the world investigating some of history's most legendary mysteries. When his former boss asks him for help, he is on the trail again.

C.J. Box has Endangered coming out on March 24. Box has won most of the major mystery awards and his main character is Joe Pickett, a Wyoming game warden. This title is the 15th in the series. In this title, Joe is hunting the person who bludgeoned his 18 year old ward. 

Harlan Coben, my personal favorite, has The Stranger coming out on March 24. This is another standalone. I do love his Myron Bolitar series but his standalone titles are pretty good too. Adam and Hannah's marriage is not going well when a secret emerges that makes Adam fearful he never knew his wife at all and all their lives are in danger.

Robin Cook has Host coming on March 17. Cook invented the medical thriller genre. In this one, a 4th year medical student's boyfriend dies after routine surgery. Something doesn't feel right to her so she and her lab partner star investigating. Soon, they uncover facts that put both their lives in danger.

Clive Cussler and Justin Scott have The Assassin coming out on March 31. Rather than Cussler's normal adventure series, this one is the 8th in the Detective Isaac Bell series. This series is plot-driven and historical, set in the early 20th century. This title takes place when Bell is investigating the Standard Oil monopoly. A sniper starts shooting possible witnesses and the chase is on.

James Patterson has NYPD Red 3 coming out on March 10. Audie will be free after serving 10 years for a Texas robbery in which four people died. One day before his release, he escapes. Everyone thinks he is going after the money from the robbery but he has something else in mind.

Barbara Taylor Bradford has The Cavendon Women coming out on March 24. The aristocratic Inghams are planning a family weekend with their servants the Swanns  in attendance after the end of WWI,  But times have changed and the families must change with time.

Hopefully, one of these interests you. There are more titles coming out from perhaps less well known authors but I will continue with those next week. Enjoy!

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