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Monday, July 28, 2014

Wow - a List of the Rest of August Titles

Once again, time has gotten ahead of me. This was suppose to be done last weekend, but instead - I added 2 dogs to my household and couldn't make myself leave them alone at home that long. So here I am with a long list of titles and a short synopsis of what they are about before moving on to the September books.

Robin Hobb has Fool's Assassin coming out on Aug. 12 for those who read fantasy. I happen to have read Hobb's Assassin series and this is a continuation of this work. It is very good - if you like that type of thing. FitzChivalry has left his royal assassin job behind, living in the country with his wife. Unexpectedly, even though she is beyond child bearing years, she finds herself pregnant. All the family think this is in her mind, not a fact. The resulting child is different in many ways and really the focus of this new series.

Terry Goodkind has Severed Souls out on Aug. 5. This is a continuation of his very popular Seeker of Truth series. Richard Rahl and his wife, Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell continue their adventures. Once again for those who prefer fantasy over reality.

Before, During, After by Richard Bausch comes out on Aug. 12. Bausch has won most of the literary awards for his work. This one focuses on a Congressional Aide and an Episcopal priest who are engaged. Before their wedding, the priest appears to be lost in 9/11 and the Aide has a traumatic experience in Jamaica. Although they come back together, can their life ever be the same? This one falls into the literary fiction genre.

Graham Joyce has The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit coming on Aug. 5. Joyce writes in the psychological drama/horror mode. In this title, David takes a job at a beach resort where his biological father disappeared 15 years earlier.  Weird things start happening and then things get really scary.

Now on to the true suspense/mystery genre. Elizabeth Little has Dear Daughter coming on July 31. Jane Jenkins was in prison for 10 years after being found guilty of killing her mother. On her release, she begins to track down the real killer. Her investigation leads her to South Dakota where she discovers her mother had secrets that she buried deep.

Don't Look Back is coming from Gregg Hurwitz on Aug. 19. On a rafting and hiking tour, Eve Hardaway spots a man throwing machetes at something. Then she discovers the camera and pill bottle of a missing woman. I think you can guess what follows.

Arnaldur Indridason has a new Icelandic Inspector Erlendur novel coming on Aug. 26. In Strange Shores, the Inspector is hunting for two people who vanished long age - one being his brother who was lost in a snowstorm.

William Kent Krueger, after the success of Ordinary Grace, on Aug 19 has gone back to his Cork O'Connor series with Windigo Island. The residents of Bad Bluff reservation blame the Windigo, a mythical beast, for the battered body of a girl washed up on the shores of Lake Superior. Cork though, blames sex trafficking that has increased in the area.

One of my personal favorites, Spencer Quinn, returns with Chet and Bernie in Paw and Order on Aug. 5. I have this one on my list already and can't wait. Bernie is arrest while visiting his girlfriend in DC. I LOVE Chet. But then remember I have 2 new residents in my household.

As long as I am on a dog trend here, I throw in Ellen Cooney's The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Changes which arrives on Aug. 5. Evie signs up for dog-training school at the Sanctuary but finds herself being the one rescued. A must read for dog lovers.

Certainly with this many titles, there must be something that interests you. Enjoy!

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