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Friday, July 11, 2014

Suspense for August - Part 1

There are quite a few suspense, thriller, mystery type of books being published in August by authors that you might not know.

Charles Cumming has A Colder War coming on August 5th. If you have been missing the Le Carre type of spy thriller, this one is the second in a series featuring Thomas Kell a disgraced M16 agent. This time 3 recent recruits by Western intelligence meet unfortunate fates and then a veteran M16 agent dies in a plane crash. The powers that be, call on Kell to investigate and dig out a mole.

Back Channel by the author of The Emperor of Ocean Park, Stephen L. Carter, comes out on July 29th. That is almost August, right? This story is part fact and part fiction. It takes place during the Cuban Missile Crisis when Kennedy and Khrushchev were looking for a way to negotiate behind the scenes. Strangely enough, the person that was chosen to be this 'back channel' is a 19 year old black Cornell sophomore. She holds the fate of the world in her hands as she is pursued by those who do not want her to succeed.

Dan Fesperman has Unmanned coming on August 12th. If you like your thrillers a little darker than most, this one is for you. Darwin Cole 'piloted' a Predator drone and is haunted by the memory of a mission when he say an Afghan child running for her life. He tries to drown the memory and finds himself a washout-drunk living by himself in a trailer. He teams up with three journalists to discover who was calling the shots during that mission. He finds himself running for his life also.

Now here is another name you  might not know, Chris Ewan. Ewan is a British author and he has gained in popularity here in the US recently. In fact, the Huffington Post has a poll that declared him one of America's favorite British authors. Dead Line features Daniel Trent, a specialist in hostage negotiation - it comes out on August 5th. He is anxious to talk to the chief suspect in the kidnapping of his fiancee. Unfortunately, the suspect has disappeared. It appears that the suspect has been kidnapped too! Can he manage to free the suspect to figure out where his fiancee is in time?

Karin Fossum has I Can See in the Dark coming out on August 12th. Fossum has been called the Norwegian Queen of  Crime. If you like your mysteries with a Scandinavian tilt, Fossum would be your cup of tea. She has a series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer but this title is a stand alone.  It features an odd and troubled 40 year old man called Riktor. Riktor is a loner who is always on the outside - he has been accused of a crime he did not commit, but he has committed another crime which he needs to hide.

See if any of these appeal to you and I will be back next week with some more options for you.

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