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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last of July Titles

I have been on vacation for a week but want to get these last few July titles out there for you to consider. There are some good ones from perhaps lesser known authors. I am always looking for those which might not have a holds list but are still very good reads.

Taylor Stevens has The Catch coming out on July 15. This is the 4th in her series starring Vanessa Michael Munroe. She is the child of African missionaries who had an abusive and violent childhood and has become an African based informationist/adventurist. Her boss sends her to be part of an security team on a gun-running mission off Somalia. Then the pirates attack. With Munroe on board, the pirates don't know what they have to deal with.

Brad Taylor's Days of Rage is also coming out on the 15th. This is the 6th in the Pike Logan series. This time Logan goes up against an extreme Islamic sect in Nigeria. Russia gives the sect a potential weapon of mass destruction that they believe is too old to do much damage. They are wrong and the sect is ready to use it again the US.

John Verdon has the 4th in the Dave Gurney series coming out on July 1st. Peter Pan Must Die has Gurney coming out of retirement to investigate the murder of a real estate developer with political ambitions. The wife has already been convicted of the shooting but Gurney finds things fishy.

Never Coming Back by Tim Weaver comes out on July 3rd. Emily Kane arrives at her sister's home to discover the meal on the table but no sign of her sister and family. Emily and her former boyfriend, a missing person investigator, try to find out what happened. This title has already been a bestseller in Britain but is Tim Weaver's American debut.

Amanda Kyle Williams gives us Don't Talk to Strangers on July 15th. Atlanta FBI profiler Keye Street, a recovering addict now working freelance, is asked to investigate the murders of several young women in the woods 90 miles from Atlanta.

The Book of Life, the last in the Deborah Harkness  trilogy that started with The Discovery of Witches, arrives also on the 15th. Witch Diana Bishop and vampire scientist Matthew Clairmont return to the present to continue hunting for Ashmole 782 - the long missing magical manuscript.

Liane Moriarty has Big Little Lie coming out on July 29. One parent ends up dead after a terrible riot at Pirriwee Public's annual school trivia night. It appears to be murder. It follows the lives of three women who are at a crossroads and gives Moriarty the chance to visit issues of parenting, divorce and shattered families.

Stephanie Evanovich has a followup (or perhaps prequel) to her popular Big Girl Panties coming on July 8th, The Sweet Spot. It focuses on Chase and Amanda who were a big part of the first book and how they met. Pro baseball player Chase Walker falls for Amanda instantly but she isn't interested in trying to compete with his skinny groupies.

Lastly Brad Thor has the 13th in his Scot Horvath series, Act of War, which arrives on July 8th. The death of a CIA agent overseas causes the president to request Scot Horvath's teams involvement. They uncover a dangerous plot and need to prevent the unspeakable attacks.

Enjoy deciding which of these interests you. I'll be back next week with August titles.

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