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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Continuing July Titles

I am headed for vacation so will post this early for this weekend. I hope to finish the July titles between this post and one more on the weekend of June 28. Enjoy reading about these titles. There are some goods ones coming.

Rebecca Makkai has The Hundred-Year House arriving on July 10. This is one that I have to read. An Academic is married to the heir of an estate that was once an art colony. He hopes to finish an article which will help his academic standing by searching the colony's files. The secrets he discovers are dangerous ones. This is written using four completely different time periods starting with the end of the 20th century and moving backward for 100 years.

Rebecca Rotert has Last Night at the Blue Angel coming on July 1. The story features a self destructive jazz singer, Naomi, and her 10 year old daughter, Sophia. Sophia longs for her mother's attention and is forced to grow up early in an early 1960's Chicago jazz club. This story is told from alternating points of view between the mother and daughter. You expect to feel sorry for the daughter, but one Naomi reveals her life experience, it is easy to identify with both of them.

Inside Man, Jeff Abbott's new one, also comes out on July 1. This is from his Sam Capra series. Capra's friend Steve has been murdered and the only lead causes Sam to go undercover into one of Miami's most prominent and dangerous families. Abbott's work is becoming quite popular. You might want to dive in early, before he gets the big reserve numbers. I read Abbott years ago when his mysteries were paperback and almost cozies. His agent advised him to harden up the plot like so he could move into hardbacks and he has. His plots were always strong. See what you think.

Ace Atkins, an Auburn graduate and Mississippi resident, was chosen by the estate of Robert B. Parker to continue his Spenser series. Atkins has his own series featuring County Sheriff Quinn Colson. On July 24, The Forsaken will be published. The case of a rape of a fourteen year old girl and the murder of her friend is reopened and Quinn finds it related to the hanging of a black man. Both Quinn's uncle and his father had a hand in the original case. Uncovering the truth may result in knowing more than he wants to know.

Sam Cabot is the writing team of Carlos Dews (the head of the English Department for John Cabot University - an American university in Rome, Italy) and S. J. Rozan (an Edgar Award winning author). This is the second title they have written together that features Father Thomas Kelly. Skin of the Wolf  involves a murder at Sotheby's involving an Iroquois ritual mask. When native beliefs and the Catholic Church collide, a shape shifter lies in the wings waiting for a chance to bring devastation to the world.

House Reckoning by Mike or Michael Lawson comes out on July 2. This is in the 9th in the Joe DeMarco series. DeMarco always knew that his father worked with the local mafioso but he didn't know he had been a hit man until he was murdered. 20 year later, one of Gino's former mob associates is dying and wants to confess something about the murder. The information is shocking - mostly because the person responsible is about to take a very powerful governmental position.

Greg Rucka has Bravo coming out on July 22. This one is in the Jad Bell series. This is political thriller at it's most thrilling. Bell wants to get the person responsible for the terrorist attack that nearly killed his ex-wife and daughter. However, behind that person is his employer who is already planning a more devastating attack. Rucka has a fast paced plot with sharp and realistic dialogue.

Lastly, on July 15, Daniel Silva has his 14th Gabriel Allon entry arriving, Heist. Not much is known about the plot but Allon, art restorer and occasional spy and assassin searches for a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio.

Enjoy choosing from among these. I've got a few on my TBR pile.

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