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Saturday, April 13, 2013

July Titles That Are Interesting For Different Reasons

There are lots of books coming out in July. Sometimes, there is something in the title or brief summary that catches the eye and makes you pick it up. These are all which attracted my attention for various reasons. See if any of them attract your's.

On July 2nd, Matt Haig comes out with The Humans. Haig is a British author who has also dabbled in screen writing; journalism and children's works. He has been nominated for many awards and won quite a fiew for his efforts. This title is really a blending of genres and sounds like it will be funny and warm. A Cambridge professor and mathematician solves the world's greatest mathmatical riddle and an alien from a wiser planet takes over his body to remove all evidence of the world changing result. The alien is disgusted by the world and humans in general until wine, Emily Dickinson and family life start to win him over and he finds his mission difficult to complete. I'm excited about this one. It sound like my type of book.

Here is one that should appeal to those who loved Gone Girl. High suspense!!! Sophie McKenzie is another British author who up to this point, has written for teens. Close My Eyes, out on July 9th, is her first adult psychological suspense novel. Gen had never gotten over the loss of her baby from 8 years ago. It would have been a stillborn, Dr. Rodriguez had informed her. Even after many attempts at invitro, she had failed to conceive again. Her husband was engrossed with his work; her depression was worsening, and a therapist had not been of any help. Then a strange woman appeared at her door one day, telling her her baby was ALIVE. Dr. Rodriguez had taken the live baby - and her husband KNEW! Now Rodriguez is nowhere to be found. Of course her husband denies the whole thing.....and people start turning up dead. Sounds like it would be hard to put down, doesn't it?

Finally, here is one by Stephanie Evanovich, a former actress/comedienne. Big Girl Panties comes out on July 9th. This really is a chick lit book in the way of Bridget Jone's Diary. Holly Brennan has been putting on some weight after the illness and death of her husband when she finds herself on a plane, sitted next to Logan, the personal trainer to the stars. Logan finds her intriguing and offers to help her get back into shape. She takes him up on his offer and they develop a 'relationship'. But really, after this ....what come's next? If you like this type of humorous women's story, give it a try.

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