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Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's Never Too Early for Beach Books

As the weather gets hotter, we all need some ‘beach read’ titles to take with us on vacation. I am going to prepare you for those days on the beach by mentioning some of this summer’s ‘hot’ titles.
Let’s face it, everyone is going to be reading Dan Brown’s new book, Inferno. It comes out in May – just in time to take to the beach with you. Talk about ‘hot’ books – one of the things I’ve read about it says that it’s sale date – 5/14/13 was chosen because it is the reverse of ‘pi’ 3.1415.   Wonder what else he has hidden in there?
Another book that seems to be meant for beach reading is Island Girls by Nancy Thayer. This comes out on June 18th. On the death of their father three stepsisters learn they must spend the summer at the family beach home on Nantucket before they can sell the home and split the money. This novel is more about family in all it's forms and relationships between the family members but it begs for a beach on which to read it.
Mary Kay Andrews comes out with Ladies Night on June 4th. This one takes place ultimately in a fictional place near Bradenton Florida. After a particularly spectacular outburst when she finds her husband has been cheating, Grace is forced to move in with her mother and help her to run a small beach bar called The Sand Pit. Can't you picture yourself on the beach with this one? Sink your feet in the sand and get ready to be entertained.
Barbara Delinsky gives us Sweet Salt Air which comes out on June 18th. Two friends have been estranged for 10 years but come back together on a small island off the coast of Maine for a summer to work on a cookbook project. If you like Delinsky, you kind of know what to expect. There are secrets in their past and basically, one of them has to decide what is more important - friendship or truth. Another warm, vacation story.
OK folks - how many of you know that Janet Evanovich is starting a new series???? She actually is writing it with Lee Goldberg, the script writer who came up with the idea for Monk. The idea behind it is interesting and you can kind of see why it might have appeal for Evanovich. The Heist comes out on June 18th. It features a disciplined female FBI agent who always gets her mane and a handsome con artist who maneuvers the FBI into offering him a job. Ought to be a quick read and just what you need on vacation.
Lastly, James Patterson is coming out with the 2nd in his Honeymoon series, Second Honeymoon, on June 24th. Someone is picking off honeymoon couples. No one knows who is next. FBI Agent John O'Hara and Special Agent Sarah Brubaker are on the case. Patterson's titles are always quick beach reads.
I hope you can envision yourself spending some times with one of these. Get your name on the lists!

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