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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite Books of 2012

There are quite a few publications and websites that have come out with their lists of their favorite books for 2012. Although I read many different genres and often find some really effecting literary works, many of mine might now make it on your traditional lists. There is a twitter list in the process #libfavs2012 which made me take a long look at what I read this past year and what I really REALLY loved.
12.     Stephen Kings’s 11-22-63  - I loved this book about a teacher time traveling back to try to stop Kennedy’s assassination.
11.     David Gillham’s City of Women- World War II was not kind to the women of Germany either.
10.     Justin Cronin’s The Twelve  - OK – the first in the series ‘The Passage’ was better but I really care about these characters.
9.       Charlotte Rogan’s The Lifeboat – how far would you go if you were stuck on an overcrowded lifeboat with no rescue in sight?
8.       Barbara Shapiro’s The Art Forger – suspense and the art world – quite a mix.
7.       Louise Erdrich’s The Round House – Erdrich’s titles usually involved Native Americans and in this one, the rape of a mother, profoundly effects her young son.

6.       Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth - McEwan wrote ‘Atonement’, a really well received novel, this one is just as good. A young, female Cambridge graduate is recruited to work with the British intelligence service. It brings up some ethical questions for her.
5.       Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies - OK - so everyone loves this book. I can lose myself in historical novels that take place in the time of Thomas Cromwell.
4.       Lisa Gardner’s Catch Me - a repeating detective series but you are never really sure who is the victim and who is the criminal until the end. VERY suspenseful!!!!
3.       Rosamund Lupton’s Afterwards - I loved her first one 'Sisters' and I loved this one - told mostly from the point of view of a woman in a coma - can she find out who the arsonist is and can she protect her daughter?
2.       William Landry’s Defending Jacob - A good portion of the action is covered in legal proceedings but can a lawyer protect his son and wife - should he?
1.       Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl - WOW - this one blew me away. Talk about a dysfunctional couple. Suspenseful and brings up the question of whether we really know each other.

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