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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have a Great Holiday!

I pondered for a few days on what this last post of 2012 would contain. Finally decided that I would go ahead and just list all the must reads in January. It will give you some plans for the new year. Don't expect a lot of discussion on each one as there are so many of them. Here is a list of mostly fiction with a few nonfiction thrown in, to get you ready for 2013.

Ian Rankin comes out with Standing in Another Man's Grave on January 15th. It is a thriller that features a decade old string of disappearing teens.

James Rollins writes with Rebecca Cantrell, The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series which comes out on January 8th. It is a thriller which is described as Dan Brown meets Anne Rice's vampires. Sanguines by the way are the Vatican's Vampires who battle evil.

Brad Taylor gives us Enemy of Mine on January 15th. Another thriller featuring Delta Force officer Pike Logan.

Stuart Wood's next Stone Barrington title, Collateral Damage, is out on January 8th. It you read Woods, you kind of know the plot already.

The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon is out on January 2nd. Yet another thriller which features a teenaged girl whose mother is supposedly killed by a serial killer and years later is found alive.

Dave Barry offers another humorous view of the problems existing in Florida (i.e. riots; Russian gangsters; pimps; and a huge snake) in Insane City on January 29th. You can't help but laugh but you wonder why he lives there.

Susanna Sonnenberg investigates the power of female friendships and relationships in She Matters which comes out on January 8th. Reported as a mesmerizing works.

Nicholas Christopher comes out with Tiger Rag on January 1st. It covers a wife whose husband has left her for a younger woman and whose daughter is just out of rehab as they venture from Key Biscayne to snowy New York in search of a recording.

Some of you may had read Adam Mansbach hysterical Go the F**k to Sleep. I did and having had 2 children, I laughed and laughed. On January 10th, he is publishing Rage is Back. The story of the son of a renowned graffiti writer is said to be have a refreshing edginess.

Tracy Chevalier takes her historical fiction to the United States in The Last Runaway which comes out on January 8th.

Bernard Cornwell chooses another war for his focus in 1356: Go with God, but Fight Like the Devil which arrives on January 8th. It covers the Battle of Poitiers on September 19, 1356.

For all you Downton Abbey fans out there, Elizabeth Wilhide offers historical fiction in Ashenden on January 8th. A tale of two and a half centuries in a Victorian manor house.

Finally, a nonfiction work by Christopher S. Stewart for all you adventure lovers. Jungleland: A True Story of Adventure, Obsession, and the Deadly Search for the Lost White City comes out on January 8th. Billed as a real life Indiana Jones story.

Enjoy planning your reading plan for next month and have a really good Holiday.

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