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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quick View of October Titles

Since October is approaching quite quickly, I am going to do a brief description of the titles I personally am waiting for that will be published in October. Hopefully, some of them will be ones you will be excited about also.

OK - I know no one needs to be reminded of this one but this one sounds even better than usual. On Oct 23, John Grisham's title The Racketeer arrives. Apparently, in the history of this country, only 4 federal judges have ever been murdered. The fifth one is murdered in Grisham's new title. It is said to be a wickedly clever read.

Another title that needs no introduction, Jo Nesbo's Phantom, arrives on October 2nd. Harry Hole has gone to Hong Kong but is pulled back to Oslo when the son of a lover is arrested for murder.
I have lived in Florida, not in Miami, but I know the atmosphere. Tom Wolfe's Back to Blood, which arrives on Oct 23rd, is said to be more like his Bonfire of the Vanities than anything else he has written. It is a highly characterized multicultural look at Miami. It is said to be a snappy, fast-moving read but it is a big book at over 700 pages.

Here is one by a debut thriller author, Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen, which arrives on Oct. 16th. Kostigen is an ethics columnist for Dow Jones MarketWatch and a former editor of Bloomberg News. He knows how to write. The Golden Dawn is an ancient sect of Zoroastrians said to keep a secret regarding the leader who will arise before the End Times. The president of Iraq exploiting this secret and attempting to get nuclear weapons to support his efforts. Sounds really good.

I attending an address by Sherman Alexie back several years ago. He is one of the funniest, intelligent, irreverent people I have heard. I love to read his work because it makes me laugh. His excels at short stories and he has lots of ideas that turn into short stories. His newest work, Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories, arrives on Oct. 2nd. It contains 15 of his best-known stories and 15 new stories (with topics such as donkey basketball leagues to lethal wind turbines).
I was alive for this crisis and it is actually interesting to me that apparently Nixon was not the first president to keep audio tapes. On Oct. 18th, David G. Coleman is coming out with The Fourteenth Day: JFK and the Aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis; The Secret White House Tapes. Apparently, not all the nuclear missiles in Cuba were removed as the public thought they had been. An interesting insight into the White House negotiations.

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