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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mystery Award Time

Bouchercon2012 is in October. Many of the mystery awards are announced at this annual mystery convention held in honor of Anthony Boucher who was a ddistinguished mystery critic. It is held at various places around the county - last year in Saint Louis; this year in Cleveland; next year in Albany, NY; in 2014 in Long Beach, CA and in 2015 in Raleigh, NC. Many of the most famous mystery and suspense authors gather at these conventions and the Anthony Award for best mystery novel, best first mystery novel and best paperback mystery novel are announced. Here is a list of various nominees if you want to try to guess the one that will win. All are available in our catalog so you can check them out.

Best Novel
Megan Abbott - The End of Everything - two 13 year old girls are best friends. One goes missing and the other is left to find out where. Reviewed as extraordinary but also as disturbing.

Reed Farrel Coleman - Hurt Machine - Prager, a retired beat cop, former PI and now the aging part-owner of a chain of wine stores, has stomach cancer. He is at his daughter's wedding when his ex-wife asks him to investigate her sister's murder. Reviewed as compelling and a must read.

Michael Connelly - The Drop - a Detective Harry Bosch tale, need I say more. An excellent police procedural according to reviews.

Louise Penny - A Trick of the Light - the reoccurring characters of Three Pines and Inspector Gamache investigate yet another murder - this one when an art critic is found in Clara Morrow's garden. Penny has been called another Agatha Christie for her plots and another Elizabeth George for her characterizations. Always a great choice.

Julia Spencer-Fleming - One Was a Soldier - On a warm September evening in the Millers Kill community center, five veterans sit down in rickety chairs to try to make sense of their experiences in Iraq. What they will find is murder, conspiracy, and the unbreakable ties that bind them to one another and their small Adirondack town. Reviewed as an illuminating journey with excellent characterizations that make you feel right at home.

Best First Novel
Sara J. Henry - Learning to Swim
Darrell James - Nazareth Child
Leonard Rosen - All Cry Chaos
Rochelle Staab - Who Do, VooDoo?
Taylor Stevens - The Informationist
Steve Ulfelder - Purgatory Chasm
S. J. Watson - Before I Go to Sleep

Best Paperback Original
Robert Jackson Bennett - The Company Man
Christa Faust - Choke Hold
Julie Hyzy - Buffalo West Wing
Michael Stanley - Death of the Mantis
Duane Swierczynski - Fun & Games
Frank Tallis - Vienna Twilight

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