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Monday, May 21, 2012

June Blockbusters

For all those who read and loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Mark Haddon is coming out with The Red House on June 12th. When a wealthy doctor tries to reconnect with his sister after their mother dies, he invites her whole family to come for a week to his vacation home. This account of a dysfunctional family is told from many different points of view. Haddon's prose lays resentments, desire, misunderstandings ands secrets bare. There is a wide range of opinions on this title - some love it and find it "a worthy addition to Haddon’s oeuvre of literary fiction" and some wish they had not taken the time to read it. What will your opinion be?

Janet Evanovich offers the 2nd in her new series focusing on Elizabeth Tucker, the cupcake baker from Salem, MA. She first appeared in the Plum series and expanded to her own title in Wicked Appetite. In Wicked Business, out on June 19th, the evil Grimoire Gerwulf is out find the second of the Seven Stones of Power and Diesel is out to protect Lizzy. This series is aimed at younger readers but the first title was very popular so if you read that one, here is the next.

For those who like suspense and action, Risk Agent from Ridley Pearson is getting rave reviews. This thriller will come out on June 19th. In this possible new series, a firm that specializes in recovery of hostages is called in when a Chinese National working for an American-owned construction company is grabbed off the streets of Shanghai in broad daylight. The security company recruits Grace Chu to follow the money and John Knox to use his muscle and use his muscle he does. Who is actually behind the kidnapping? Will they find the hostages? Ah - well if this is being touted as a series, you know that Grace and John survive.

Luanne Rice offers her 30th novel, Little Night, on  June 5th. When Clare tried to protect Anne from her abusive husband, she didn't know she would end up in prison for 2 years charged with assault. What made it worse was that Anne lied during her trial to defend her husband. After Clare is released, she is a changed person but one day she receives a note from Anne's daughter and things start to change. An engrossing story about family ties and what being a sister means.

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