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Friday, May 4, 2012

Can't Miss Thrillers!

The author who wrote Robopocalypse, Daniel H. Wilson, is coming out with a new title on 6/5 - Amped. Reviews are ranging from "WOW - one of the highlights of 2012" to "heard this story before ; no real substance". However, if you liked Robopocalypse, this will be a must read. In this title in a  frightening near-future world, people are implanted with a device that makes them capable of superhuman feats. Conservative society makes these individuals less than human and laws are passed restricting their rights. Owen, an 'amp', goes on the run looking for a place he might be safe. Some thought provoking dilemmas here. Often, a person's opinion on this type of book depends on their ability to take that leap with the author and to be transported into the future.

Gillian Flynn's new book, Gone Girl, is also coming out on June 5. Flynn writes deeply disturbing thrillers. Some people call them creepy. Her first title, Sharp Edges, was a Edgar finalist for best first novel and won 2 British Dagger awards. Her second title, Dark Places, was a USA Today's Top Summer Read; one of Publisher's Weekly top books of 2009 and one of the New Yorker's Reviewers Favorites from 2009. Obviously, great things are expected from this title. Nick and Amy are celebrating their 5th Wedding Anniversary when Amy suddenly disappears after an apparently violent struggle. The clues are there that Nick is at fault. Nick claims complete innocence. Deep inner secrets are revealed and nothing is the way it appears. Flynn develops the characters well and this is being compared to Tana French's In the Woods. Really quick read although you may not be able to go to bed until you finish. I have my name on the list for this one.

Peter Farris is the son of John Farris, another published author. Peter must have learned well because Last Call for the Living is getting excellent reviews for a debut author. It comes out May 22 but the reviews have been so glowing, I have to talk about it. It is also dark and pretty violent but grabs you from the start. Charlie, a young male bank teller, is taken as a hostage by a hardened criminal,  Hobe. Hobe had managed to get in trouble with the law and the Aryan Brotherhood. Both parties are after them when they escape into the North Georgia mountains. This is a thriller that is also an excellent character study of the good guys, the bad guys and the innocent.

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