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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Last For August

July is almost over so it is the last entry for August titles. And yes - there still are more that are interesting so I will get started.

Carla Neggers has her seventh Sharpe and Donovan title coming out on August 29, Thief's Mark. This series reminds me a little of the Catherine Coulter FBI series. Here Sharpe and Donovan are on their honeymoon in Ireland when they find out that the home of Emma's grandfather has had a break-in and an old acquaintance, Oliver York - an expert in Celtic mythology and a well known art thief. When Oliver is discovered missing with a dead body in his apartment - the case begins.

Next Hollie Overton has The Walls coming out on August 8. This is Overton's second book after Baby Doll. In this title, Kristy Tucker is a single mom who works for Public Relations with the Texas Department of Corrections. She becomes involved and eventually marries her son's martial arts instructor and discovers she made a big mistake. Now she has to decide whether to stay in an abusive marriage or murder him. Seems like there ought to be another choice.

T. Parker Jefferson has The Room of White Fire coming out on August 22. Parker is an award winning thriller author who has yet to make it to the 'A list' but perhaps he will make it this time. Roland Ford is a private investigator who is very good at his job but has hidden problems. He is asked to track down a young traumatized veteran, Clay Hickman, who as escaped from a mental institution. But why is he getting different stories from people and why are so many anxious to have him found?

Erica Spindler has The Other Girl coming out on August 22 also. Spindler writes fast paced, dramatic, psychological suspense with strong female characters and usually a dark atmosphere. Here, Miranda Rader has become an Officer in the Hammond, LA police department. She has covered up an incident in her past until the policeman who took her statement that night is found dead AND her fingerprints are at the scene. Her co-workers begin to doubt her trustworthiness and she can only rely on herself to find out who is setting her up.

Stephen Baxter has his SciFi title The Massacre of Mankind coming out once again on August 22. This is actually a sequel to H. G. Well's The War of the Worlds. Baxter's title takes place 14 years after Well's work. Earth may have prepared technologically but when the Martian's invade again, they are successful. Walker Jenkins's sister-in-law is organizing one last attempt for survival.

Laurie Gelman gives us something quirky with Class Mom on August 1. This is a debut from Gelman who follows the antics of Jen Dixon, recently settled down after a rather wild youth (and beyond). The PTA president asks her to become the class mother for the Kindergarten class. When she requests 'special' brownies for curriculum night - you know that the protests will begin.

Hopefully, that will give you some more to think about before we start on September titles. Enjoy!

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