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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Last of December Titles

Holiday times are always hectic and since I will not be here next week - I am finishing up with December titles today. Luckily it is also the time of year that lists of the best books for 2016 come out so I will probably be talking about some of those in future weeks. Bunt now for the December roundup.

Camilla Grebe has her first solo novel, The Ice Beneath Her coming out on December 27.  Grebe is a Swedish author and this title has three narrators: one being Emma Bohman who had an affair with Jesper Orre, her boss. After he breaks it off, strange things start to happen to her and a woman's beheaded body is found in one of Orre's homes. Orre, it appears, has disappeared when the other two narrators come in Peter Lindgren, the investigator and Hanne Lagerlind-Schon, a profiler. Said to be dark and twisty.

While we are talking about Nordic Noir, Anne Holt has Beyond the Truth coming out on December 6. This is the seventh in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series. Here, Hanne investigates a mass killing at the home of a wealthy high-profile shipping family. The dead include three members of the family and a mediocre novelist. At the scene, an open bottle of champagne is found. Hanne is intrigued - what was the novelist doing there and what did they have to celebrate.They find many motives but the truth has not yet been revealed. Hanne has never given up before. Will she risk everything this time?

James Rollins has the next Sigma Force Novel coming out on December 13, The Seventh Plague. This is the twelfth in the series. Sigma Force is called in after a member of a missing archaeological team comes staggering out of the desert and drops dead. He appears to have been partially mummified. Then, people who came in contact with him start getting sick and soon all Cairo is sick. Sigma Force to the rescue.

John Clement carries on his mother's, Blaize Clement, Dixie Hemingway series with The Cat Sitter and the Canary. Out on December 20 this is the eleventh in the series. Here, Dixie has a new partner, a Lhasa Apso named Charlie. They go to visit a cat they are looking after but can't find him. The next day, they find a body with a note pointing to Dixie. Dixie must find the murderer before she is arrested or killed.

Christopher Fowler has his thirteenth Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery coming out on December 13. As usual Bryant & May get the most unusual cases. Here, a woman is found drowned and tied to a pillar in the Thames. There appears to be only her footprints leading to her body. Soon, other murders appear connected. And in addition, the unit ti getting grief from the higher ups. Can Bryant and May find out what is happening before the unit is shut down? People have either loved this or hated it. If you have read him before you know these books are wacky and wonderfully complicated.

Lastly, Helene Tursten has Who Watcheth coming out on December 8. December seems to be the month for Scandinavian mysteries. This is the eleventh in the Inspector Huss series which takes place in Sweden. Apparently, there is a stalker out there with rules for those he stalkers. If the women obey the rules, he protects them. If the women break the rules, he murders them. The only problem is - they don't know they are being stalked and they don't know the rules. Huss must identify this stalker and stop the murders.

OK - hopefully enough to tempt you with something. We do have most of the Huss series but I have ordered the ones we were missing. Enjoy!

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