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Thursday, June 16, 2016

July Big (?) Names

There are not the flurry of big name authors publishing titles this month but a few are and I will throw in some ... well - not quite yet big names.

Ace Atkins is most known for his continuation of the Robert B. Parker's Spenser series but he is pretty good at his own series. One series features Quinn Colson, an ex-Army Ranger who is now a sheriff in Tibbehah County, MS. The Innocents, the sixth in the series, is arriving on July 12. Colson had been away from his sheriffing job for a year, working with the Army but on his return - he is asked for help with an investigation of the murder of a young woman who was found walking down the middle of a highway in flames. Atkins style in this series is gritty and very fast paced but there is a lot of violence are advised.

Catherine Coulter, a perennial favorite, has Insidious, the 20th in the FBI series, coming on July 5. FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock attempt to find out who is trying to kill 86 year old Venus Rasmussen and Special Agent Cam Wittier goes to Los Angeles to help search for the serial killer who slashes the throats of young actresses. Non stop suspense with this one.

Iris Johansen has Night and Day, the twenty first Eve Duncan entry, coming on July 19. This is the third in a trilogy within the series having to do with Cara Delaney. Reviewers have suggested that it would be helpful to read all 3 of them and not jump ahead. In this one, Duncan is trying to protect  Cara from people wanting her dead - therefore, those people would like Eve dead too. People who have read all three in the trilogy LOVED this book.

Magic by Danielle Steel arrives on July 5. The event, White Dinners, began in Paris in 1988. Invited guest appear, all dressed in white, in a public area in the center of Paris, to enjoy good food, wine and conversation. Who knew? They are now taking place in other countries also. This novel focuses on Jean-Philippe Dumas, a longtime participant, and 3 couples he has selected to attend the event. It follows the lives of these 7 people.

Marcia Muller has Someone Always Knows, the 31st in the Sharon McCone series, coming out on July 5. In the previous title, McCone and her husband Hy has their house burn down. Now they are getting comfortably settled in their new home and new shared offices when Hy's former colleague, a shady person they had presumed dead, shows up unexpectedly. Sharon is also trying to help a client rid a house he just purchased from drug users. This investigation turns up secrets and someone is trying to destroy her happiness.

OK - that gives you five titles to choose from this week. Hope there is something there that interests you.

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