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Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Apology

It has been awhile I know. I have been sick on and off for the last few months and surprise - they discovered I was walking around with a burst appendix. Human bodies are mysterious things and mine had walled the offending item off so I was not running a temperature and my blood test came back - if not normal - not extraordinarily out of balance. So when my doctor decided to take the next step and do a CT scan - shock and disbelief - the appointment with the surgeon was made the same day. Well, the appendix is gone and I am back and hopefully will not have the illness problems I have been having. Back we go with books for June. Soooooo many and not enough time.

Elizabeth Adler has The Charmers coming out on June 28. Adler likes to tell compelling stories in exotic locales and this is no different. Mirabella Matthews' has inherited a villa in the South of France from an aunt with a 'past'. Various men show up at the villa and at least one of them is willing to kill to own it. Adler has been compare to Nora Roberts or Judith McNaught.

Ben Coes has First Strike also coming on June 28. Coes writes fast paced suspense like David Baldacci or Brad Thor. This is the sixth in his Dewey Andreas series. Here Dewey obtains information that ISIS was originally funded by a Pentagon black-ops program. To get the weapons they need, the terrorist organization takes control of a dorm at Columbus University and threaten to execute one student an hour until their demands are met.

Paul Doiron has Widowmaker coming out on June 14. This is the seventh in his Mike Bowditch series. Doiron is one of those authors that I wish had a larger following. He writes suspense with a strong sense of place like Nevada Barr or C.J. Box. Here, the place is Maine. Bowditch is a Maine Game Warden and here he discovers a vigilante who seems to be targeting sex offenders. Give him a try.

Joseph Finder has the third Nick Heller title, Guilty Minds, coming out on June 7. Finder's stories are fast paced and complex like James Grippando or Brad Meltzer. Here Heller has 48 hours to prove allegations against the Supreme Court Chief Justice false. Then a party in the rumor, an escort, turns up dead. One reviewer said this title "has it all - non-stop action, political intrigue, interesting characters and a twist you won't see coming.

Well, since I mentioned Brad Meltzer, he also has The House of Secrets, written with Tod Goldberg, coming out on June 7. Meltzer writes suspense similar to Finder, of course, but also Grippando and Baldacci. You also need to know the Meltzer is responsible for 'Brad Meltzer's Decoded' program on the History Channel and apparently loves historical real life mysteries. Here the story centers around a tall tale about a bible, Benedict Arnold, and a corpse. Jack Nash who was the world's leading expert in conspiracies was killed in a car accident that also almost killed his adult daughter. Hazel wakes up with a form of amnesia and searches for answers regarding her father's death.

Of, Sorry. That is all for today. I will try to do at least one more early next week - hope on of these tempt you though.

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