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Saturday, April 23, 2016

May Titles

Sorry guys, I have been out of commission for a few weeks. I am back but not yet at full speed. I am going to try to go over as many May titles as possible today before moving on to June. The info will be short but hopefully I'll be able to describe them well enough for you to make up your minds.

Nancy Atherton has Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure coming out on May 24. This is the 21st in the Dimity series. Aunt Dimity is a ghost and Lori Shepherd is the naive heroine in these titles. Here Lori finds a gold and garnet bracelet that Dimity asks her to return to a failed suitor. Unfortunately, it brings great attention as it is said to be part of a royal treasure.

Nevada Barr has Boar Island coming out on May 17. This is the 19th in the Anna Pigeon series. Here Park Ranger Pigeon has a new challenge. A friend has an adopted daughter who is experiencing cyberbullying. When the daughter attempts suicide, Pigeon is called in to help.

Steve Cavanagh, an Irish lawyer turned novelist, has The Defense on May 3. This is Cavanagh debut and this work has been compared to Grisham and Turow. Here, Eddie Flynn has decided to give up the courtroom after an unpleasant proceeding but a Russian mobster kidnaps his 10 year old daughter and he has to take the mobster's case.

Alex Grecian has Lost and Gone Forever coming out on May 17. This is the 5th in the Scotland Yard's Murder Squad series. Sgt. Nevil Hammersmith has lost his job and is operating as a private investigator whose main job is to find Inspector Walter Day who has been missing for a year. Day is in the hands of Jack the Ripper. In Victorian London, things are not always as they appear.

Sophie Hannah has A Game for All the Family coming out on May 24. Justine with her husband and teenage daughter leave London behind and hope for a fresh start on the coast. When her daughter complains about her best friend 'George' being expelled from school, Justine discovers that there is and hasn't been a George at the school. Then, threatening phone calls start. What is happening to their 'fresh start'?

David Housewright has the 13th Rushmore McKenzie title arriving, Stealing the Countess on May 31. Rushmore retired from the St. Paul Police Department upon unexpectedly becoming a millionaire. Now he helps people for folk who could not afford help. Here, The Countess, refers to a Stradivarius violin worth $4 million. The foundation that owns it and the insurance company refuse to pay the thieves but the violinist who has been playing it, is desperate for it's return. McKenzie agrees to help him.

Steve Martini has Blood Flag coming out on May 17. This is the 14th in the Paul Madriani series. Martini's work has often been compared to Grisham and Scottoline. Here Madriani is defending a client accused of mercy-killing her father when he is drawn into a conspiracy involving WWII and a Nazi relic.

Lastly, Elaine Viets has The Art of Murder coming out on May 3. This is the 15th in the Dead-End Job series. Viets writes cozy mysteries like Mary Daheim or Laura Childs. Here the repeating heroine Helen Hawthorne and her friend, observe a painting class while touring a mansion turned museum. Later, one of the up and coming artist is killed before their eyes. Helen is hired to go undercover to catch the killer.

OK - that is all I have fore today. Here is hoping that next month is a better month.

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