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Friday, January 16, 2015

February Titles

Lots of tempting books are coming out this month besides the ones mentioned in the LibraryReads list. Publishing houses are back after their winter vacation and working full steam ahead. The biggest names are listed below.

Alex Berenson has Twelve Days coming out on February 10. For those not familiar with Berenson, he writes fast-paced thriller that incorporate current day politics. John Wells is his main character and this is the ninth featuring him. Wells with his former CIA bosses uncover a plot to convince the President to attack Iran but no one will listen. It is a race against time to try to come up with the evidence. If you are missing Vince Flynn, Berenson might be a replacement for you.

Jamie Freveletti has Robert Ludlum's The Geneva Strategy coming out on February 3. This is the eleventh in the Covert-One series and it is being issued as a trade paperback as were the first few titles in the series. Freveletti has written one of the first 10 so is familiar with Jon Smith, the series man character. One evening, several high ranking members of the government were kidnapped. The most striking one was Nick Rendel who was the computer specialist in charge of the drone project. Smith along with his Covert One team were able to rescue some of the others but Rendel remained missing and the fear was that enemies could program drones to strike within the US. High suspense and fast moving.

Lisa Gardner has Crash & Burn coming out on February 3. Gardner, for those who haven't read her, is similar to Catherine Coulter (with a little less romance) and Harlan Coben (with a little more romance). This is the 3rd in her Tessa Leoni series with a quick snapshot of Boston Detective D.D. Warren. Nicky Frank had a horrific car crash and shouldn't have survived. She remembers a missing little girl named Vero. Police can find no evidence of the missing child until Nicky's husband arrives and tells them she had sustained a brain injury before the accident and can not be believed. So should Nicky trust him? Is she crazy? Is her husband her caretaker or her enemy? Read it and find out.

Jonathan Kellerman has Motive coming out on February 10. This is the 30th in the Alex Delaware series. Delaware has been trying to help his homicide detective friend, Milo Sturgis with one murder when another murder is reminiscent about the other. Both bodies are found with untouched romantic dinners for two set. Since the main individuals have alibis, who could be doing this? If you read Kellerman, you probably already have this one on your list.

J.D. Robb has Obsession in Death coming out on February 10. This is another author who really needs no introduction. This is the 40th in her ' Death' series. Eve Dallas has an admirer. This admirer is killing people for her. He seems to think he is proving their special relationship. She knows he will eventually turn against her.

OK - that gives you some of the goodies that are coming out in February. Hope one of them catches your eye.

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