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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Three August Titles That Interest Me

While looking at the titles that come out in August and September, there are 3 that are coming out in August that are from perhaps less well known authors that sound very interesting. First, I have to admit to being a history major for my undergraduate degree. Therefore, books that take place in the past have an advantage. Sorry, I know that perhaps historical fiction isn't as big as it use to be but....I can't seem to get away from my natural tendencies so here we go (don't worry, not all are historical).

Justin St. Germain comes out with Son of a Gun: A Memoir on August 13th. I am not a big bio or memoir reader but the reviews on this one reach out and touch my heart. St. Germain's mother had been a paratrooper and a strong woman except she was attracted to men who abused her. She was murdered in 2001 supposedly by her fifth husband. Justin was 20 at the time. He graduated from the University of Arizona and was a Wallace Stegner scholar at Stanford. The type of son who would make any mother proud. But he still slept with a loaded rifle under his bed. He forced himself to go back to his childhood and try to find out what had actually happened to his mother and why in hopes of bringing some closure to his life. Not a mystery but a truly touching story of relationships.

JoJo Moyes has developed a niche here in the states. She is a British author who has been popular over there for some time. Now her titles are being released stateside and she is developing a following. The Last Letter From Your Lover and Me Before You, her previous titles, have been popular. On August 20th, she gives us The Girl You Left Behind. A French artist, Edouard, paints a portrait of his wife, Sophie, before leaving for the war in 1916. He is soon captured and imprisoned. Sophie ends up in enemy controlled territory. The commandant of the camp where Edouard is, is entranced with the portrait. Sophie will give up anything to see her husband again. The story moves to 100 years later where the portrait is given to Liv by her young husband shortly before his death. Liv develops a relationship with Paul but a battle develops between the two of them over who owns the painting. An emotional story about what you will give up for love.

Also on August 20th, Joyce Maynard comes out with After Her. It is 1979 and a serial killer has started killing women in Marin County, CA. Two sisters, Patty and Rachel, live nearby with their divorced mother. Their father, Anthony Toricelli, is the Marin County detective in charge of the case.When public opinion starts turning against their father, they decide to help him find the killer. The book is based upon a real life serial killer. It is a thriller but it is also about obsession, loss and the relationship between fathers and daughters in a splintered family.

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