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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Summer Thrillers

Do you like to spend the summer reading books that give you that shot of adrenaline? There are several big names that are coming out with titles this summer that will fulfill that need. There are some by less known ones that also do so. Take a look at these and see what you think.

C.J. Box gives us The Highway on July 30th. Two sisters who are suppose to be driving to visit their father for Thanksgiving, instead decide to drive to Montana to visit a boyfriend. Along the way, they vanish. Cody Hoyt, is a fired sheriff investigator who planted evidence and has a fondness for the bottle. The sisters were suppose to be visiting his son. When his son convinces him to try to find them, he vanishes also. The only one left to rescue them is Hoyt's rookie partner - Cassandra Dewell. This book has been described as 'dark and creepy' and ' with vivid imagery and suspense.' If those things appeal to you, give this a try. Although some of the characters were in Back of Beyond (Cody Hoyt), it is really a stand alone.

On June 18th, Jonathan Holt gives us Book 1 from the Carnivia Trilogy, The Abomination. The book takes place in Venice and almost every review I've read talks about it's description of Italy and Italian food. In addition, it is compared to Dan Brown's fiction but without the secret codes and well written. Two strong female leads - Carabiniere captain Kat Tapo and U.S. Army second lieutenant Holly Boland become involved in investigating a women's death, a website and NATO involvement with the Yugoslavian war. Described as an intelligent thriller with political and international conspiracies. There will be 2 more coming so if it sounds like your cup of tea, pick up this 400 page treat.
Jeffery Deaver is back with a Lincoln Rhyme's novel on June 4th, The Kill Room. If you haven't read any of bestselling author Deaver's books yet - you probably don't want to read this one either. If you are a Deaver fan - as many are - this is a must read. Lincoln Rhyme's, the quadriplegic detective, 10th story. This time Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are asked to investigate a shooting of an American who is very vocal about his dislike of the government's foreign policy. The shooting was reportedly ordered by CIA-style government agency. Ethical issues abound about the rights of the individual vs the safety of many. Perhaps the ethical issues are not resolved in this book but the plot is fast paced and intelligent.
Stephen King has referred to Meg Gardiner as "the next suspense superstar". I've written about this title in the past I believe because it has an interesting premise. Gardiner's stories always stay with you. In this one, a skip tracer (someone who track people who have gone missing), is forced to go missing herself. Sarah Keller is living quietly with her 5 year old daughter. A school bus accident sends the daughter, Zoe, to the ER and tests confirm that Zoe is not really Sarah's child but the daughter of her sister, who was murdered shortly after the birth. Sarah goes on the run, chased by federal agents AND those who actually killed her sister. Good characterization and heart stopping suspense.
This one sounds VERY interesting to me - penned by Mary Louise Kelly, an NPR journalist, Anonymous Sources will be out June 18th. Alexandra James, a journalist, is sent to investigate when Thom Carlyle, son of one of the most powerful men in Washington, falls from the top of a Harvard bell tower. Her investigation takes her from Harvard to Cambridge to London and leads to a terrorist network. When she arrives in Washington, D.C. for a final interview that she expects to tie together the facts she has uncovered, Alex James finds she has become the hunted. The fear and anxiety is transmitted to the reader. A true page turner.

Hopefully one of these will get you started with thrillers this summer.

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