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Saturday, March 30, 2013

July's Big Names

We are slightly changing the method we use to purchase new titles so this past week I have been pondering the titles that come out in July. There are three big names and some names that are almost big that are publishing works that month. If these titles are not yet in the catalog, they will be within a week or two.

James Lee Burke brings out his next Dave Robicheaux novel on July 16th - Light of the World. Assa Surrette, a serial killer, escaped the death penalty in Kansas for his crimes because capitol punishment was outlawed in the state. When Robicheaux's daughter writes articles examining other crimes he might have committed, Asa escapes from a prison transport with the intent of hunting her down.

Cather Coulter, a perennial favorite, comes out with Bombshell on July 9th. She returns her FBI duo of Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock and incorporates Griffin Hammersmith who was last seen in Backfire. Savich has drafter Hammersmith to work with his unit and on his way to D.C., Hammersmith stops to see his sister. He learns she has been found unconscious and covered with someone else's blood after a wild party. Savich and Sherlock are dealing with the son of a government official who was found murdered and frozen at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. Two crimes for a crime solving trio.

Iris Johansen brings back Eve Duncan in Hunting Eve on July 16th. This is the second in the New Eve Duncan trilogy. The first in this series was 'Taking Eve'. The third has the ominous title of 'Silencing Eve'. It doesn't sound like this is going to get any less suspenseful. This title has Eve battling the man who holds her prisoner.

OK - I admit it. I am putting this one in here because I happen to love this series. Lisa Lutz is coming out with another from her Spellman Files series, The Last Word, on July 13th. This series, to me, is a west cost Janet Evanovich. It makes me laugh out loud. This time, Izzy Spellman is accused of embezzling funds from a former client who has Alzheimer's after her hostile takeover of the family owned business. Is this the end of Izzy?

Daniel Silva comes out with The English Girl from his Gabriel Allon series on July 16th. Art-restorer and master spy Gabriel Allon is drawn into international intrigue once again when a young woman vanishes. Silva has been growing in popularity and this series is one of his best.

Brad Thor comes out with Hidden Order on July 9th. A string of high-profile kidnappings has Washington, D.C. in a frenzy. When the victims begin turning up dead, frenzy turns to panic. And when the ransom demand is finally made public, panic will turn to terror. This is the next in the Scot Harvath series, Harvath is  an ex-Navy SEAL Secret Service agent and later a covert counterterrorism agent. Need I say that there are going to be thrills, thrills and more thrills?

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