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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Titles Out April 2, 2013

April is a pretty busy month for new titles. As you may have noticed, most titles come out on a Tuesday. There are occasionally big name authors whose titles come out on other days but Tuesday is almost always the day for new books. On April 2nd, there are six books coming out that perhaps I might be able to tempt you to read.

All You Could Ask For: A Novel

The most interesting one for me is All You Could Ask For by Mike Greenberg. My curiosity has been aroused. How can the cohost of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning AND the author of 'Why My Wife Thinks I'm an Idiot" write a book from a woman's point of view???? It seems impossible to me - which makes me want to read it to see if he has pulled it off. Its the story of 3 women, one happily married; one about to undergo a divorce and one who has become extremely rich working for the man who broke her heart and how they face adversity.

Reconstructing Amelia

The next title which has fascinated me has really had a lot of buzz for another debut novelist, Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight. A single mother with a teenage daughter has just found out that her daughter, Amelia, was accused of cheating and has jumped off the roof at her private school. The mother tries to 'reconstruct' Amelia's life from emails, texts and cell phone logs to find out how and why. The work has been described as heart wrenching and compelling and is recommended for those who liked Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl or Jodi Picoult's titles.

There Was an Old Woman: A Novel of Suspense
There Was an Old Woman by Hallie Ephron is another title that comes out on the 2nd. Ephron writes suspense and prior titles have been nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award. This one involves to elderly neighbors, When one is sent to the hospital, she whispers to the other to call her daughters and "Don't let him in until I'm gone." The daughters arrive to find the house wrecked but with some interesting things inside - a high end flat screen television and some very expensive liquor. How could this unfortunate woman afford those things? Who was behind the purchasing and demolition of houses in the neighborhood? Some fairly good reviews on this one.

Life After Life

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson has gotten rave prepublication reviews. It has been called sublime, Booker worthy and remarkable. One person said that it was a 500 plus page book that kept getting better and better as you went along. Perhaps with a confusing premise, this story is about Ursula Todd who is born in 1910 and lives and dies repeatedly in many different ways. It is not about reincarnation as much as it is about all the different paths our lives could have taken. People seem to find this work worth multiple readings.
The Smart One
Lastly, Jennifer Close after her successful debut with Girls in White Dresses is coming out with The Smart One. This time she tells the story from 4 women's point of view - and each point of view is different. Weezy Coffey's 3 adult children end up living back at home. How could they all have failed to survive in the real world when she had tried so hard. Her two daughters and her son with his girl friend come back home and try to learn to grow up. Perhaps I identified a little too much with this descriptive  account but I've got it on my list to read.

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