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Friday, January 4, 2013

For All Those Who Like Vince Flynn

There are lots of you out there who love the thrillers brought to you by Vince Flynn. He has one coming out this spring that he has written with Brian Haig. While you are waiting, you might try among others - titles BY Brian Haig. Haig is the son of Alexander Haig who was Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan. He also served in the military for 22 years and spent time working in Washington,D.C. Haig should understand political intrigue from all angles. His novels take a candid look at the policies, personalities and ambitions of men and women in uniform. His series features Major Sean Drummond, an abrasive but honorable JAG lawyer. The titles include:

Secret Sanction (2001)
Mortal Allies (2002)
The Kingmaker (2003)
Private Sector (2003)
The President's Assassin (2005)
Man in the Middle (2007)

Another author who writes political suspense is Brad Thor. His series features Scott Harvath, a Navy SEAL who becomes a federal agent. There are quite a few tiles in this series. They are:

The Lions of Lucerne (2002)
Path of the Assassin (2003)
State of the Union (2004)
Blowback (2005)
Takedown (2006)
The First Commandment (2007)
The Last Patriot (2008)
The Apostle (2009)
Foreign Influence (2010)
Full Black (2011)
Black List (2012)

Dale Brown writes techno-thrillers based on his own experience as a captain in the Air Force. They feature Jason Richter, an Army Engineer. The titles are:

Act of War (2005)
Edge of Battle (2006)

Ben Coes writes action packed topical thrillers dealing with international political intrigue. His series feature Dewey Andreas, an ex-Delta Force member who left the military with a bad taste in his mouth after being wrongly accused of his wife's murder. He may not be in the military, but he has all the talents for a good investigator. His titles are:

Power Down (2010)
Coup d'etat (2011)
The Last Refuge (2012)

Chris Stewart is another name you might not have heard of who writes fast paced political suspense. All of his titles are standalones so you can start anywhere. He spent 14 years in the Air Force as an award winning pilot and recently he won the election in Utah for the 2nd congressional district and took his seat on Jan 3, 2013 so I don't know if he will be writing too much for the next few years. You will have some time to catch up on the titles he has already written. They are:

Shattered Bone (1997)
The Kill Box (1998(
The Third consequence (2000)
The Fourth War  (2005)
The God of War  (2008)

My own personal favorite is Kyle Mills who series features Mark Beamon, an FBI agent. They are page turners - VERY suspenseful. He hasn't written anything in this series for awhile although he has done one or two continuing the Robert Ludlum series. The Beamon series titles are:

Rising Phoenix (1997)
Storming Heaven (1998)
Free Fall (2000)
Sphere of Influence (2002)
Darkness Falls (2007)
Enjoy some of these while you are waiting for May.

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