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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Thrilling Season

I've been silent for a time, I know. The Thanksgiving holiday got busy at my house. But I am back and although December is not a big publishing month, the months of December and January have quite an array of thrillers to interest you. There are some really, really well known authors as well as some that might perhaps be new to you.

On December 4th, Robin Cook comes out with Nano, the continuing saga of Pia Grazdani from Death Benefit. Pia goes from stem cell research and insurance fraud in the first novel to molecular manufacturing. OK - so those terms might be foreign to you but imagine tiny little molecular robots that are able to get inside you and get rid of viruses and bacteria. Imagine what some people will do for the medical discovery of the century. If you like Cook's medical thrillers, this will be a must read.

Another fairly well known author is Michael Palmer, another doctor turned novelist. He is coming out with Political Suicide on December 11th. This features Doctor Lou Welcome, who also starred in Oath of Office. As a doctor/detective, an accused friend asks him to investigate the death of a powerful congressman. Welcome is finding it harder and harder to believe his friend until he turns over some clues that lead to a high level conspiracy. This has some rave reviews from critics.

Another perennial favorite, W.E.B. Griffin comes out with Empire and Honor: An Honor Bound Novel on December 31st. This continues the adventures of Cletus Frade during and right after World War II. Even though this takes place in Oct 1945 and the war is over, intrigue and adventure continues for Cletus. The US has made a secret deal with the German Intelligence branch that handled Soviet activities. The Germans would give the US all the information about the Russian spies in the atomic bomb program IF the US would keep the people in the branch safe. Griffin writes with all the usual traditional high adventure where good men are MEN and women are beautiful.

Dick Wolf was the creator of Law & Order, the TV series and created the current Chicago Fire. He is well known and is award winning in the television community. On December 26th, he publishes his first novel, The Intercept: A Jeremy Fisk Novel. Fisk is a New York police detective who is in the Intelligence Division - modelled on the CIA. When an incident occurs on a flight over the Atlantic just days before the dedication of One World Trade Center at Ground Zero, a single terrorist is publicized by the department. Fisk has other ideas and he and his partner try to get to the bottom of the plot. Time is not on their side. Sounds like a suspenseful read.

This is just a taste of what is coming in the next 2 months. More next time.

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