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Saturday, July 21, 2012

August Non Thriller Titles

There are a lot of thrillers coming out in August and when I was looking at the titles we have coming in, I had a hard time deciding out to separate them. Basically, I decided to talk about all the titles that were not thrillers first. There are some well known literary authors with titles coming out in August that I wanted to make sure were publicized. In a few days, I come back with all those thrillers for the suspense lovers out there.

Paranormal readers out there will not want to miss the August 2nd entry into the Dark Hunter series. Sherrilyn Kenyon's Time Untime. Ren Waya is back from the dead. He came back to stop his prophecy about the end of the world from coming true. Unfortunately, the only way he can do that is by killing Kateri Avan, the one person he loves.

A translation from French by Michel Schneider, Marilyn's Last Sessions: A Novel comes out on August 1st. It is a re imagined versions of Marilyn's last session with Dr. Ralph Greenson, her psychoanalyst. It was well received in Europe and is being published by Little, Brown in time for the 50th anniversary of her death.

For all those who loved Selden Edward's 'The Little Book', the story continues in The Lost Prince, which hits the shelves on August 16th. The first entry covers Wheeler Brunden time traveling from the 1980's back to 1897 Vienna. In this new one, Eleanor Burden returns to New England to await what comes next. Not science fiction and more in the romantic historical travel genre.

Martin Amis takes an acidic look at modern society in his new title Lionel Asbo: The State of England which comes out on August 21st. The title character has named himself after the Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. He fits his name. His ward, Desmond Pepperdine want a respectful quiet life with books and a wife but his uncle has different plans.

Margaret Dilloway won strong reviews for her first work and now ,on August 2, she offers The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns. Gal Garner splits her time between teaching biology, receiving dialysis for failed kidney's and cross pollinating roses in hopes of winning a prize. The only time she is peaceful and happy is in the garden. Suddenly, out of nowhere, her sister's 15 year old daughter appears and Gal's life changes. Predictable perhaps but very well written.

Bernhard Schlink, the author of The Reader, offers us Summer Lies on August 14th. Short stories from Schlink dealing with the relationship between truth, lies and love. His short stories are reviewed extremely well and this title has excellent reviews in Europe.

You Are The Love of My Life arrives on August 22nd from Susan Richards Shreve. Lucy Painter is a children's book illustrator and the single mother of 2. There are things she does not want her children to know - like their father (a married man) or that her father committed suicide in the house where they are living. A domestic, intimate story - well written.

Finally, Elie Wiesel entry, Hostage, arrives on August 21st. Wiesel continues to explore the Holocaust with this story of Shaltiel Feigenberg who is kidnapped by an Arab and an Italian and kept in a basement in Brooklyn. They tell him that he was kidnapped so they could exchange him for 3 Palestinian prisoners. While tied to a chair, he tells stories to himself and to his jailers.

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