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Monday, June 18, 2012

Titles to Look For in July

I am headed out of town until July so this week, I am going to cram in as many books arriving in July as I can. First, let's briefly mention those by the MEGA authors which are coming us:

James Lee Burke - Creole Belle - on July 17th.
Catherine Coulter - Backfire - July 10th.
Andrew Gross - 15 Seconds - July 10th.
Iris & Roy Johansen - Close Your Eyes - on July 17th.
James Patters & Michael Ledwidge - I, Michael Bennett - July 9th.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips - The Great Escape - on July 10th.
Danielle Steel - Friends Forever - July 24th.

OK - now they are out of the way. If you want to read any of the above, you will probably not be first on the list but you will be alot higher now than you would if you waited. There are some other titles coming out this month, that are worth your perusal.

Chris Cleave, the author of Little Bee (a New York Times bestseller), has written another book that has a very timely subject. Gold is about 2 friends who are both battling to win a gold medal in cycling at the London Olympics. The reviews on this one range all over the place. The writing is good, the characterizations are good, but some people seem to have trouble with the plot line while others loved it. Zoe and Kate have been competing against each other for ages. Now, in their 30's, the London Olympics seem to be their last chance. Kate has a daughter who is suffering from leukemia. What would you give up for someone you loved?
Stephen L. Carter, the author of The Emperor of Ocean Park, has authored The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln. This is actually an alternative history where Lincoln survives the assassination attempt and is accused of violating the Constitution in his conduct of the war. His lawyers for his impeachment trial include a young black woman. Carter, a professor at Yale, has written this novel of history, mystery and political questions which comes out on July 10th.

If you liked The Discovery of Witches (and I did), Deborah Harkness comes out with the second book featuring Matthew Clairmont, a vampire genetist, and Diana Bishop, a witch in rebellion. I loved the first one and this time, in Shadow of Night, the time-travel back to Elizabethan London so Diana can learn more about how to handle the magic she can't seem to keep under control. This one also comes out on July 10th.

Francine Matthews has an interesting hsitorical thriller out on July 5th, Jack 1939. Preseident Roosevelt chooses John F. Kennedy, the son of America's ambassador to Britain, to go to Europe to investigate what Hitler is really planning and to stop German money designed to help derail Roosevelts re-election. Since Matthews worked for the CIA in the 90's, the atmosphere seems authentic and many of the facts she uses are true.

My next blog entry will be the week of July 9th. I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th.

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