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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Go To Sleep!!!!

As the person who purchases books for the library, I frequently find out about new titles or authors who will be publishing in the near future. Perhaps there are others out there that might be interested in finding out about books that have created ‘buzz’ in the publishing world. That will be the focus of this blog with perhaps some additions of older titles that might have been missed.
As my first entry, a work that will be coming out on June 14th is Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson. Watson is a first time author and the title is definitely in the thriller category. People can just not stop talking about this book. I read an advanced reading copy in 2 days hating every time I had to put it down. Some of the comments are:
            “Quite simply the best debut novel I have ever read.” (Tess Gerritsen)
            The summer’s single most suspenseful plot belongs to BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP. . . . pure page-turner.” (New York Times)
            Amazon has named it a “Best Book of the Month” even before it is being sold!
The story focuses on a woman who wakes up every morning not knowing where she is, how old she is, her husband, her house, and basically nothing that has apparently happened in the last several decades. Her memory disappears every time she goes to sleep. She discovers that she has been seeing a doctor behind her husband’s back and keeping a journal of things that have happened or that she remembers. When she find written on the front of the journal “Don’t trust Ben” (her husband), her world becomes even more confusing. A definite page turner that I know is worth the wait.

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